Certification with ISO-FSSC 22000

As of January 2013 we have changed our quality of BRC to ISO FSSC 22000th ISO FSSC 22000 Food Safety System = 22000 Certification is the certification of food safety management systems. This certification system developed as a response to the need for international food sector to have independent ISO-based food safety system for third party audit and certification of their food safety management systems. The FSSC 22000 certification scheme supported by the European Food Safety Authority and Beverage Association (CIAA) and the U.S. Food Manufacturing Association.
Download our certificate (pdf and in Swedish)

Sweets without dangerous coloring

Since Sweden joined EU it is again acceptable to use the infamous synthetic AZO colors It is proved that AZO colors do not add the consumers anything, but can give reactions to sensitive and allergic persons. That is why our products do not contain any of these colors. Sweets is a pleasure – without dangerous colors.

General information and allergen information

Our gelatine are made of pig. The dark chocolate we use contain a minimum of 55,7% cocoa solids. Glucose syrup is made of Wheat, but with the small amounts it is not a risk for allergic people. All our products are free from AZO colors and do not contain GMO ingredients. Specific product information is to be found under “Our products” for each product.

Own cleaningsystem

Of course we take our responsibility when it comes to global environment. Our waste water we care of ourself through our own Bio reactor which carries 200 m3 water.

Customer focus

We focus on the need and wishes of our customers. Good service, flexibility and being responsive is recognised by our business. By doing this we hope to both reach new markets and flavours in the future. Our aim is to bring 5 – 10 news each year. The market stands for the ideas – we and our customers develop these ideas. Together with our customers we create our future.